As I had mentioned before, there’s a lost Vedic tradition for women called the Brahma Vadini. The circumstances created in my life, Swami’s direction, and my experiences have been guiding me to revive that tradition for the householders.

What does being a Brahma Vadini mean in the modern world? More so, how can one be a married Brahma Vadini? How is it different from the typical Vedic lifestyle of the four Ashramas? In this post, I strive to address these questions. 

Two Types of Brahma Vadini

Brahma Vadini can either be a householder or a monk by lifestyle. If the Brahma Vadini is a householder, she would be a Grihastha Brahma Vadini. If she’s a monk, she would be a Sannyasin Brahma Vadini

The tradition that Swami and I are trying to revive is the Grihastha Brahma Vadini. Now, we already have some Sannyasin Brahma Vadinis. Though, we need many more Sannyasin women to start reading and writing their thoughts about the scriptures. At this point, the number of Grihastha Brahma Vadinis is minuscule or maybe even nonexistent.

How to be a Brahma Vadini?

As Swami taught me, one cannot be a Brahma Vadini by merely reproducing our Guru or anyone else’s words. We have to work hard to learn some basic Sanskrit (if we already don’t know it), read the scriptures personally, gain spiritual insight, and then convey it to the world.

On top of that, if possible, I also plan to study the scriptures of another ancient language – my mother tongue Tamil. As you can see, I’m signing up for a lifetime commitment that needs a ton of effort and time.

The Lifestyle of a Grihastha Brahma Vadini

In case you are interested, here’s what it takes to become a Grihastha Brahma Vadini tradition:

  • Chanting every day to keep myself in Devi Bhaav, a pure state of mind
  • Working out, eating healthy, staying hydrated, and taking my vitamins to keep myself fit
  • Resting as much as possible – reading and writing for long hours makes me brain dead often
  • Learning some basic Sanskrit
  • Brushing-up on my Tamil
  • Reading and contemplating the scriptures
  • Reading and relating modern self-help material to the scriptures
  • Writing my thoughts and insights about the scriptures

In a nutshell, what I’m doing eats up all my time. Further, it also requires taking flak from the world. Mainly from those who can’t see eye-to-eye with my vision. Well, that isn’t anything new! Anyone who has done anything worthwhile with life has gone through what I’m facing. So, I’ve no regrets about anything because I’m peaceful and am living a purposeful life.

Om Sri Matre Namaha.



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