When will we grow up or should we actually grow up.


One question which is in everyone’s mind when a child is born, when will you grow up.

When the kid starts crawling, when will you start walking

When the same kid starts walking, when will you start running

When they start running then is when we think they should sit at the same place.

The question in mind when I started writing this was I do not have anything to write and today only I was talking that the last post was in August and there have been just a handful of articles that I could write this year. May be a writer’s block or maybe I have lost what I had in me when I write. Still the question is should be stop when the things are not going our way, or should we be the kids who do not listen to anyone and just do what they want to do. They are the ones who have always fascinated me in understanding that we should be like then as they do not stop till they get what they want.

It can be

  • A sweet candy
  • A toy
  • Or just a hug they will do anything in their capacity to achieve what they want.

So back to the topic should we grow up and follow the rules that have been laid down by the world or should we be the kids that we used to be and just do what we like and reach to our target at any cost.

Leaving it today here itself and waiting for your comments as what should we do ,

Grow up or just be the kids in our heart.