Our spine holding our brain,
Is a radio antenna which requires to be trained,
To emit the frequencies from which we won’t run and refrain,
To do that we should go within our own domain!

Growing inward is a dynamic process which requires certain things to be unlearned first
Stopping to work according to our Ego’s thirst,
Trying to face problems without being guided by our Fear’s thrust,
Instilling humbleness and standing tall despite of Arrogance’s swirling Gust,
An urge to get over unnecessary materialistic lust,
These are the things which will be instilled first!!

Cleansing within shall starts its turn,
Placing your false ego and ignorance in their respective urns,
You will burn within, a lot of identity crisis will happen therein,
You will question your existence non stop, finding your purpose will be at the top,
You will question toxic friendships and their worthless sobs,
And Gradually you will start finding yourself distinct from the mob!

You will seek solace in solitude,
The challenges of the past thoughts will still try and wither this positive attitude,
During this time learn to adapt to Gratitude!!
But slowly and steadily you will realise the change in you,
For every inward change comes at the perfect time due,
You will be swimming in pool of wisdom completely imbued,
Though the demons of the past will still try and drown you in their toxic glue!!

We never loose our demons we only learn to live above them,
They still rise from their coffins to try and condemn us to hell,
This is the time where you will be frightened and scared,
But if you give in to this, the demons will crawl back in,
During this time have faith in thyself and The Lord,
And try and fight these demons with wisdom’s sword!!

You will soon overcome this necessary turmoil as well,
Your story of inward change will be a story worth the tell,
But people my friend will only listen to the ones who are materialistically rich and well,
You will understand this tyranny sooner or later,
So an urge to develop yourself materialistically will be born,
Inviting false ego and arrogance to make you experience an inner state completely torn!!

Rejecting Materialism is not what the message I urge to give here, but a hidden message which lies in the end is that, a false sense of pride and vanity surrounds us when we attain something materialistic; grow beyond this sense.

Seek happiness in friendships, relationships and solitude, in knowing nature, in investing time in people’s personal growth, in serving others without recognition etc. The sense of power and having something of physical value brings a lot of arrogance and egoism in people, this again drowns them in ignorance!!

Detachment from materialism does not always mean renunciation in my limited perspective, but detachment might mean not drawing pride, happiness and mirth only from materialistic achievements and depending heavily on them. Rather cultivating a sense of equipoise within and trying to develop a state of joy without any practical or material reason to be happy,  might invoke a real sense of detachment within. In short becoming an instrument of joy and happiness from within.

~Vedant Ranadive.
8th January 2019.


Thank you for reading till here everyone!! Means a lot to me!! Thankful to Swamiji, Divine Mother and everyone on this beautiful platform!!