Do you exactly remember that moment of your life when you felt now you have grown up? Perhaps yes or perhaps no. It happens gradually.

Well, the interesting thing when we were children we wanted to grow up fast so that we could have the freedom to do whatever we wanted. But is this the only meaning of growing up?

Growing up means understanding your and everyone else’s emotions that is when we can say that we have grown up.¬† If you contemplate on this you will see that in the context of life both things are important.

Because if we don’t understand ourselves, we would not know what we want from life and without understanding others we can’t live fully. Hence one important aspect of growth is to feel empathy and develop the ability to adjust accordingly.¬†Unfortunately, many grown-ups are unable to do this even after living forty or fifty decades of their lives.

The child in us is the “felt” self which seeks pleasure, fun, and spontaneity at all costs. The “parent” in us is the ” taught” self which sticks to values, prejudices, and dogmas. Our own experiences of the world and an understanding of the contemporary issues around, us make us develop an “adult” self that balances us between the ” child” and the ” parent”.

This discretion and distinction make us a balanced individual who is neither very impulsive nor very dogmatic. This is the beginning of adulthood, the so-called growing up.

Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Pexels