While catching our connecting flight from Finland to Delhi on way back from Scotland,there were no baggage and security checks( as we were carefully already checked at Eddinburg airport and there was no outside movement)! On reaching the entry point of boarding the Delhi flight,my husband kept asking officials at the counter weather we would be checked again or no documental formalities were done at this Air Port! To which they replied smiling..u r all sorted!

  The amazement, bewilderment and astonishment on his face was no less than being confused on delivering a normal baby without labour pain!

Any woman who has been through a labour or any man who has seen an actress deliver a baby in Bollywood movies must be aware what a last ball Penalty shoot out moment it is! I have delivered 2 babies with normal labour and i know the never forgatable labour( a woman is btw most strong and alert at that time).

If you have a painless normal delivery without epidural or c.section u wonder,is my pregnancy ok? Or what i heard from books,family,freinds or other mothers a joke?

Similarly are our life situations.

After 2.5 years of covid 19 life has come back to normal and my in-laws have shifted back to their home town with their attendant,my daughter who threw tantrums with quality and skills of my cooking is abroad,my husband from online court now goes regularly to offline court, my teenage son too now attends an 8 hours school. From no house help in covid times ,now we are blessed with 3 and the 3 bed room house with 6 adults and a teenager has been shifted to an additional floor one.

The peace of house with less complaining, moving and demanding family has rather than making me feel blissful made me Quizy!

Some times i feel an i underworking or wasting my time and skill at others i feel like joining some regular work( quiet impossible with the other partners irratic time schedule,a big house to maintain and a smiling relaxed to be presented).

  • Do u feel so confused to when everything is in allignment?