Your Honour, I am guilty.
Guilty of being too clever
When I should have been devoted
Guilty of being too stupid
When I should have had been faithful.
What is to be done with such a one, your Honour?
They have not charged me.
Nor, thankfully, put me in charge.
I trust that you can, in your mercy,
Arrest me.
Take this corpus into your custody.
Imprisonment, until I work my way to freedom
Or immediate execution,
The sentencing is not in my hands.
Whatever your judgement, I will obey it.
Your Honour, I am guilty.
Please, take me into custody.

I am a criminal, you are my Honour
I am a damsel in distress, you are my Knight in shining armour.
I am a devotee, you are my Devi.
I am a baby, you are my lovely Mother.