Few weeks ago I was enjoying the youtube satsang with Krishna Das, the divine music and wonderful stories of his guru Neel Karoli Baba. He shared a story where one of the devotees said something about Guru’s grace that will stay with me forever.

Everything is Guru’s grace, but we must act like it isn’t.

I pondered over these words for a while, I felt a sense of contentment in my heart. Such a beautiful thought, I could live with this. Walk the path, live my life with truthfulness, see my dharma as karma and my karma as dharma. Whatever good happens, it’s Guru’s grace – but I must do my duty and act as if I must earn it. 

It all comes down to ego, ahankara. A false sense of identity. Is that all I have to give up for my Guru? 

That’s a deal that is never on sale. But still the greatest deal we can ever have! But the price is ego. 

Sheesh diyo jo Guru mile, to bhi sasta gyan.

Sara din so liyo re jaag musafir jaag.

May we arise and awake. May we not just fall in love, but rise in love.

May we sing the song that we are meant to sing. May we live this life like a song.

May we see that the treasure we seek outside pales in comparison to what we have inside us.

Koi Satguru mile to bhed batave khol de andar khidki.

Only a true Guru- Sadguru can open the windows of the world in us!

This life is really a Gorakh Dhandha. All my life I thought I am the one who is amazing, who is doing these amazing things. Now I feel I am a bit wise,but  only because I realize what a fool I was! 

This post has gone rogue. Only the thought of Guru brings me back. If there is only one thing to remember, let it be this.

Everything is Guru’s grace, but we must act like it isn’t.