Kya aise hota hai?
Kya mantra jap se ya kisi stotra paath se apke kam bante hain?
Aisa kaise ho sakta hai koi jaap krne se kisi ka jeewan badal jaye?

Ever since i started spiritual practices since my teens. I did a lot of experiments with jap , chalisa etc.
But never got significant results. But how can i justify that today i am so confident of my sadhna?
Its just because now i see Bhagwan being so benevolent towards me.
So what has changed that now i get response from the divine which earlier i didn’t get?
Its Guru Dev Om Swami.

Although i am non initiate, still his tapa is so strong , He being a Maha Sidha is capable of transforming my life. Its not my japa or Stotra path that compels the divine to respond. Its the Tapas of my Guru.
I only do what He tells in his books , videos.

Thats why Shastras say a Guru is Divine himself.