गुरूर्ब्रह्मा गुरूर्विष्णुः गुरूर्देवो महेश्वरः ।

गुरूर्साक्षात परब्रह्म तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः ।।


Surya sa tej, chandrama sa mukhda
Yeh vishaal netra, samundra se gehra.

(Picture credits: Anand Om Ji )




In the October of 2021, life decided it was going to take away someone extremely important to me, in an extremely harsh and sudden manner. I was left empty all of a sudden. The funny (or sad) part is that I had always felt empty, and now with everyone gone, the emptiness and hopelessness seemed to have magnified.

I needed to cut ties with the people who had left me, instead of scrambling to fix things and get back someone who didn’t want me. That’s when my mother suggested I do a forgiveness meditation from an app. That’s how my first experience with Swami ji ended up with me in absolute tears, wondering who this person was, and what a torturous visualization he made me do!

As time passed, I found myself reading Swami ji’s memoir ‘If Truth Be Told’, and since then my life, my thinking, my entire existence has changed. Swami slowly became my anchor, my beacon of light, blessing me with love, peace, and happiness.

When I first discovered the spiritual path, I believed that meditation equalled spirituality, and it was the only way to go. What is this Bhakti? I knew I loved Swami, and would follow the instructions elucidated by Him in ‘A Million Thoughts’ and His videos.

Little did I know how beautiful Bhakti was, or what it meant. My journey on this path started with my dearest Guru Om Swami ji. It was not love at first sight, but a part of me always knew that He is The One. For those walking the path of Bhakti, chanting bhajans and singing to the Divine is an important aspect in connecting with their Bhagwan. In line with this, I shall be sharing some beautiful bhajans that can be dedicated to your Guru. Almost all the songs that I will be sharing in this series has made me cry out of devotion at some point or the other. Sometimes I just like to sit and meditate on these songs, listening to their lyrics. It truly makes you feel the emotion behind it.

The first bhajan I’ll be sharing is from an album titled ‘Guru Kripa’, which is also the motivation for the title of this series.

Har Saans by Gayatri Ashokan – Whenever I listen to this, I feel intense love and longing for Swami ji. The devotion with which this song has been written and sung touches the heart.

Har saans meri, puja tumhari.
Har pal mera, prasad tera.

Every breath of mine is in worship of you,
Every moment of mine is your blessing.


Har kadam mera pradakshina tera,
Har ridvina sursaathi tera.

Every step I take is centered around you.
( I have not been able to understand the meaning of the second line).


Surya sa tej, chandrama sa mukhda.
Yeh vishaal netra, samundar se gehra.

Bright as the sun, with a face like the moon.
Those big eyes are as deep as the ocean.


Tere hie darshan se hai savera,
Se hai savera, se hai savera…

It is with you that my morning starts.


Tere labon pe nikle jo moti,
Sunle toh mann mera mukt ho jaaye.

From your lips, pearls emanate,
Hearing which I attain mukti.


Jabse tum sang naata jodha,
Choot gayi mere mann ki peedha.

From the time I got connected to you,
I have lost all suffering.


I offer this series to my dearest Guru Swami ji and Devi Maa with tons of gratitude and love. Thank you for coming into my life and blessing me with your Grace. You are, therefore I am.

Hare Krishna 🌸