Today is Guru Purnima. The day we pay respect to our Guru. The word Guru is made of two parts, Gu which means darkness and ru which means remover. So the Guru is one who removes the darkness of ignorance and gives us the light of knowledge. The knowledge that contributes towards building us in to the people we are today. Today as we pay respects to all our gurus who touched our lives and taught us, I offer my humble obeisance at the lotus feet of all my Gurus I have had, since my birth. Their teachings, blessings and grace have shaped me into who I am today.

In the Skand Purana in a dialogue between Lord Shiva and mother divine Shakti the glories of a Guru are revealed in this now famous shloka:
“Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshwara;
Guru Sakshat Param Brahma, Tasmai Shri Guruvay Namah”.
Meaning: The Guru is Brahma, the Lord of Creation, the Guru is Vishnu, the Lord of Preservation and the Guru is the Maheshwara or Shiva the Lord of Destruction, the Guru in fact is the true embodiment of Parabrahma, the supreme God Himself and to that guru alone I bow at his lotus feet.

Guru Purnima is celebrated for many reasons. Primary reason is to commemorate the birth anniversary of sage Ved Vyas who was the author of Mahabharat, Srimad Bhagwatam and the organizer of the Vedas. It is also believed to be the day when Lord Shiva, the Adiyogi became the first guru to the Saptarishis and imparted the ancient wisdom of Yoga. Yoga the meaning of which is union. The union of individual consciousness with the universal consciousness that pervades all aspects of existence.

Today we also pay respects to sage Patanjali who in his renowned works on the Yog sutras as Parmahansa Yogananda states,”presents, in a series of brief aphorisms, the condensed essence of the exceedingly vast and intricate science of God-union — setting forth the method of uniting the soul with the undifferentiated Spirit in such a beautiful, clear, and concise way that generations of scholars have acknowledged the Yoga Sutras as the foremost ancient work on yoga.”

Most importantly we offer our respect and obeisance to Lord Krishna who is the universal Jagadguru and who revealed the science of Yoga through His masterpiece Srimad Bhagwad Gita that is the treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom for all of humanity for all times to come. In the Bhagwad Gita, the secret of divine grace which lights the lamp of knowledge in the hearts of His devotees is revealed by the Lord Himself in these verses,

तेषां सततयुक्तानां भजतां प्रीतिपूर्वकम् |
ददामि बुद्धियोगं तं येन मामुपयान्ति ते || 10||
तेषामेवानुकम्पार्थमहमज्ञानजं तम: |
नाशयाम्यात्मभावस्थो ज्ञानदीपेन भास्वता || 11||
-Bhagwad Gita(10.10,11)

Translation: “O’ Arjuna, with their minds fixed on me and their lives surrendered to me, my devotees remain ever contented in me. To those whose minds are always united with me in loving devotion, I give the divine knowledge by which they can attain me. Out of compassion for them, I, who dwell within their hearts, destroy the darkness born of ignorance, with the luminous lamp of knowledge.”

This divine grace manifests as a blessing in the form of a Guru who guides us further to the Lord Himself. My personal experience is a testimony to it. I have been fortunate to have been guided by the Lord Himself to the door step of enlightened beings through out my life which have contributed to my spiritual progress. Salutations! and glory to thee O’ merciful Lord the source of all Truth, knowledge and wisdom.

I offer my heartfelt gratitude and obeisance  to the feet Om Swami ji and to all those who have guided me on the path to God. It is by your grace and your compassion that you have helped a lost soul find his way. And for this I shall always be indebted.
Happy Guru Purnima to all!