Hey Shiva, sorry for the late post πŸ˜› .

A million obeisances at your beautiful feet and a very happy Guru Purnima to you !

Here are a few things that I am genuinely thankful for, and it has only happened because of your grace.

1. Thank you for always taking care of me, Whenever I felt like something is bothering me,you made it disappear like it never existed. Everytime. Without fail.

2. When I look at my friends of my age, I feel they are lonely, sad and looking for another human so that they can share their moments with them. They wish for companionship which is completely natural. But why don’t I feel that way? May be because you are always available for me whenever I need you.

3. None of my prayers have ever gone unheard. A huge thank you for this one. The most miraculous was, this negative feeling that was troubling me for the past few months. All I did was ask you to take care of it and it’s been more than two weeks since those thoughts haven’t bothered me. I didn’t know you can control my thoughts too. Was this appreciation post my idea or yours? πŸ˜‚

4. Thanks a lot for my progress with meditation, it wasn’t possible without you. No need to say, you are the best, most friendly Guru ever.Β 

5. Thank you for making me see the impermanent nature of this world so early in life. I have Goals and wishes like every other 22 year old but I don’t have any desires. I am already complete, fulfilled and extremely happy.

6. Thank you for the devotional bliss that I am in every moment of everyday. I don’t need to die to get to heaven I am already in one πŸ˜›

7. Thank you for so carefully overlooking my transition from an immature kid to an older kid πŸ˜‚. Just kidding, thank you for holding my hand through the rough patches and keeping my feet on the ground during the best ones.

8. After the disciples session tomorrow, I was visualizing my meeting with Swami and when I saw swami, I felt like I saw you in robes. Could you deliever my request asking him to initiate me soon? πŸ˜›

9. And lastly, thank you for this never ending bond. For being my friend, my Guru, my everything. For all the teachings and insights that are still in progress. I love discussing every topic with you. I love our walks, I love when we travel, I love our meditation sessions. I love talking with you all the time.

10. Keep me around you, forever. Please? ❀

Hope you all had a devotional and amazing Guru Purnima. I am catching up on all your exciting posts. πŸ˜›

Har har Mahadev ❀