Guru charan kamal balihari re

Mere man ki duvidha tari re

Guru charan kamal balihari…

It all began with an incident…..

A relative most unexpectedly said unkind words to me. I was shocked. Like a shot out of the blue, the piercing words brought great pain, unhappiness, and discomfort. My mind went completely blank. All I could muster was a wan, unsure smile.

This happened around New Year. My family and a few relations were out vacationing when on a particularly beautiful day, without any provocation this relation lashed out hurtfully at me. I felt helpless, defenseless, and very sad. How the rest of the vacation passed for me is anybody’s guess.

I kept trying to figure out how to get out of the gloom these words had inflicted on me, that too by someone close.

How do you deal with situations where someone you consider ‘close’ hurts you? There had to be a way out.

I struggled with the hurt and the pain and implored with my Guru to relieve me of my misery.

I believe that’s when my guru stepped in—The divine being who I believe is our only real friend, whose love is unconditional and constant, who guides us through the darkest alleys of our life, and whose compassion knows no bounds. The one who understands our pains, struggles, and dilemmas, relieved me also of my sorrow.

A deep understanding settled in—that I am responsible only so far as my actions are concerned. What the other person says to me or what they do—I need not burden myself with this train of thought. That I need to focus only on my actions felt very liberating.  

As I write now and analyze my line of action post this incident, I feel happy. Having shaken off the burden of pondering over the other person’s actions/reaction/thought process, I experience a different kind of freedom. Freedom of acting the way I want—with the awareness that my actions need to be my sole focus. This understanding, this gift from my guru fills my heart with a kind of lightness and joy that wasn’t there before. That I now feel like lacing my actions with a bit of love too, is the “hidden gift” that accompanied this deep understanding, this gift from my Guru.

How do I react when I see this person post the incident you ask?

The ‘thought’ that I am responsible only so far as my actions are concerned surfaces and I give it my best shot.  

And the pain…?

I surrender it at the feet of my Guru. In my alone moments, I imagine myself physically lifting this painful chuck from my mind and placing it at the divine feet of Gurudev with the conviction that these are the very same feet from where Mother Ganga originated, the very same feet that turned a stone back into its human form, then what big is my trouble for these feet to quash?

On this Guru Purnima …a thousand  pranams at the divine feet of my Gurudev Bhagwan Om Swamiji.

Wishing all my beautiful  guru brothers and sisters playfulness at the feet of our Divine Guru.

Jai Shri Hari