Earlier on, Sri Devi Om (@srideviom) had started a Writing Challenge. Without an iota of exaggeration, it was probably the biggest disaster in the history of OsDotMe! It crumbled even worse than a pack of cards. Finally, the master himself had to step in and end it. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️🙀😀

The history books have now been updated. So, we can move on. 😬😆

This time, the GuruToons team will brave that impossible task! They say third time’s a charm, but we disagree. This second time will work. Whether we have the entire OsDotMe participating or none at all, this challenge is here to stay! Why? 🤨⁉️

Because none participating is NOT a possibility! GuruToons will participate in it for sure! 😬😂

So, setting aside worries of success and failure, join us to have some reflective fun! 

How does it work? 

  • Schedule: Each week, on Wednesday mornings (PST), a GuruToons Comic is posted. That has your topic! 
  • Topic: Using an idea from that comic or one-liner, you can write a joke, poem, fiction, experience, thoughts, or whatever you desire. 
  • Deadline: We encourage you to finish it before the next comic is published.
  • Wisdom Tidbit: GuruToons will post a Wisdom Tidbit for that comic by the end of Wednesday (PST).
  • Disclaimer: If you don’t like a comic and wish to strangle our throats instead, then remember you’ll pay lawyer fees for life! 🤑🤑 So, we prefer that you defend yourself. 😆😂😊

Rules of the Game

  • If your write-up is less than 150 words,
    • wait until we post the Wisdom Tidbit. 
    • write your work as a comment for that post.
  • If your write-up is more than 150 words,
    • Write a separate post.
    • Add the tagline as #GuruToons Challenge: <Title of The Comic>
    • If you wish, leave a comment on the Wisdom Tidbit post with your post’s link.


If it works out, we’ll be Guru. If it doesn’t, we’ll be the Dudds.

Either way, this is going to be fun! 😀

Let’s all be silly together! 🤪


The game starts now…

because tomorrow’s Wednesday.

Tomorrow is GuruToons day!

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