I have read many books, talked to lot of people, attended many seminars, workshop, ceremonies etc

Somewhere in between I heard these few lines which always kept on echoing in my mind. It said that we human being are in habit of running. First we run after money, fame, prestige, material goods but when we get tired of all these we start running after God, religion, liberation, moksh etc. Thinking we will get everlasting happiness first in financial abundance, but when that doesn’t happen then we run after God realization thinking that liberation will bring me great happiness and peace.

What is common in these two pursuits is man’s capacity to run after goals and thinking that I will somehow achieve some secret formula at the end of run which will lead me to realms of everlasting happiness and bliss.

In other words we think that happiness is different from me, something to be sought after or bought externally. In a way, what I am saying is that me and my happiness are two different objects.

In the beginning of my journey I thought this was true. But know I have come to realize that all the running we do is like the journey of boy in alchemist. That is all the running around we do is to realize only one fact.

That what I was searching everywhere externally, is present in me. Our journey ends at the same point from where it begins.  Or our journey truly begins when we start to go deeply inside our self.


Thank you.

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