Devotion is really a matter of the heart. And as Swami says, devotion cannot quite be taught, however it can be learnt. I wanted to write a post, but didn’t have a topic in mind today. And lo and behold, I just got this idea. I thought of this one person whose devotion is utterly amazing. If you also know such a person, you may nod at some of the points below.

I thought that perhaps if we can look into the traits of an individual who has complete devotion and surrender to the lord, it could also help us identify what we can implement into our lives. This post is essentially a summary of the lessons I learnt from this very sweet person. So, here are some of the tips I’d suggest.

Just to be clear, probably only one or two of the following points apply to me. If that. So, without any further ado, let’s delve into the mind of a perfectly contented devotee, who has found their bliss within.

Here we go:

1. They start their day by thinking of their Lord. 

Gratitude is a key aspect of any day of such a devotee.

2. They are totally in love with Him or Her. 

And they couldn’t care less what others think of them. They may not be basking in love, but they still live in the knowing that they are loved and they love their Lord. And, here’s another beautiful thing: Generally no one around them understands any of their craze (guess that’s a sign of spiritual progression, as Swami says).

3. The mind doesn’t exist.

In this particular person, I have noticed that their mind barely exists. They rarely question God’s love or any occurrences in their life. And doubts don’t exist either. Their belief is simple and child-like. It’s endearing!

4.  They live very happily in their own world.

On the outside they may not look happy, but on the inside they are spending every single moment with Him. Sounds crazy right? But it seems fun! 😀

5. They register every positive sign as a blessing.

A devotee of the Lord, will always pay great attention to whatever comes their way. If they get sent a song from someone, they will always take it as a blessing or a message from their beloved. A gift is no less. They will announce it on all roof tops: “My beloved sent it for me!”

6. They are never separate from their God.

If you ask them if they ever miss their Lord, they will say no. No, because they are in permanent union with their Lord. Every breath, every thought and every smile! Their journey from the outer God to the inner God is complete.

7. They take every challenge as an opportunity to grow.

A contented devotee will not run away from challenges or tough situations. In fact they may be put in very harsh environments with people who don’t treat them too well. And this great devotee may cry, be sad but eventually they definitely take up the challenge to better themselves. And they keep smiling. Why? Because #6 : they are always with Him! The devotee shares the load with her Lord.:)

8. They motivate others to open their hearts and put the mind to sleep.

When someone is contented within, they genuinely care for others and evoke love in others without effort. But only if you care to listen! If you don’t try, they are back into their amazing dream world with their Lord.:)

9. Their faith and surrender are unwavering.

Such a person not only never doubts, they take the name of their Lord before doing any task. They may even promise others the world and as Swami said in a recent discourse, completely paraphrased:

“God can afford to be wrong, but He never allows the word of His foremost devotee to be false. That’s because the devotee took His name before promising something.”

And a fulfilled devotee has this confidence and surrender. When they realise their power though, they become more mindful of their promises!! Thank the Lord! Literally.:)

10. They are pure-hearted and simple.

You cannot find any fault in them. Why? They are absolutely pure-hearted and their intentions come from love. They will help others only in the love of their Lord and will convey things to you as per their simple, pure understanding.

So these are ten gems which I may come back to revisit myself. And by the way, yes this person is also an member:)  And as you are all also such great devotees, any tips you’d like to add to the list?  

Go for it, because that’s also the trait of a devotee:

#11 They don’t think much before typing, they follow their heart. I mean, am sure yours is in your chest, but ya know what I mean!