For countless people, New Year’s Eve is the start of many new resolutions, ending of bad habits. Rather, almost alot of people within the week will forget what they decided .

When you first start focusing on building more healthy habits , one of the biggest mistake you will make is to ask too much of yourself.

You would go from reading hardly ever to attempting to read one book per week. Or from getting up at 8 a.m. most days to trying to roll out of bed before 6 a.m. every morning.The distance between where you are starting and where you wanted to be is so far that You would fail . And each failure will make it harder to success the next day.

Hence starting small is so effective.

Another  hardest things for you will be when it comes to building new habits is to not take on too many at once.

So make a rule to work on just one habit at a time. Only when that habit is so automatic you can do it every day easily then start on a new habit.

Also, if someone will not listen to you and things will not happen the way you wanted it to be then you suddenly become sad but try to make a habit which will make other person happy just to align with their mind .

So , the agenda is to change your bad habits with good habits but not at once because if you will do so then you will end up with nothing.

Habits are replaceable.