Hey Beautiful Souls,

Hope you all are doing good. This is something I felt like sharing with you all. Hope you will enjoy the reading.

A year back someone told me that Swami ji had said in one of his videos to follow any of his five blogs and try implementing them in life. I have not found that video yet but I liked the concept. During a daunting situation rather than running hither thither, it seemed a better option to me that five blogs and life’s problem sorted. My Baba is cool and his ways are cooler.

One day I just decided to go through os.me website to pick one blog and try implementing that. So I randomly typed a keyword which I don’t remember now and the first blog I got in the suggestion is “Gayatri Sadhan”. I just looked at Baba’s photo on my altar and said “Baba me and sadhana? you must be kidding”. I chuckled. My mind said to scrawl down but intuitively I chose this blog. (Thank you baba). (Here).

The blog was about an old man who worshipped Lord Krishna and who even had Mantra siddi. His dedication, faith in God, and discipline had amazed me. More than his story Baba’s below words really brought a wave of peace and strength in me.

“We think that people who are just mediums in our lives are our everything, that without their grace we won’t live. That’s not true. They are simply the medium. ‘Ja par Kripa Raam ki hoi, taa par Kripa Kare sab koi.’”

I contemplated and meditated on these sentences sevareal times. I saw Baba’s videos on bhakti, devotion, and God. Finally, I decided to practice this for 40 days and try implementing it in my life forever. (trust me Baba takes tests too. Sometimes I scold myself for choosing the topic Sansar, he banged me there. ha ha). When I was practicing this, believe me, life seemed really easy, answers came to me without any struggle. I could able to feel the ease within me. My mind didn’t chatter much. I didn’t feel scared of my situations and so-called wrong people around me. (No one is wrong). I was happy. But remember? I said Baba tests you.

I made some major decisions (I am happy about my decision) and came out of several hurdles believing this one blog. But there was this one situation I kept failing, not once or twice or thrice but multiple times. This is when I was in Ashram (for a long time) and when my mom used to call me, I used feel really stressed and worried listening to her harsh words. In ten months, I don’t remember one single call where we both have talked normally to each other. On one such call, I felt she will drag me out of Ashram and take me away from my Srihari (that was one of my greatest fears but Baba had removed it from my heart now).  I went to my lifeline (the blog). I read it twice but there was no peace or strength. The more I tried, the I felt more scary. So I ran to the temple and cried in front of Srihari that “I FAILED MAA, I FAILED. I AM NOT BABA’S ACHA BACHA AND I CAN’T BE”. I couldn’t sit in temple so I headed toward the coffeeshop.

I was drained in my thoughts, sitting silently in the corner of coffee shop then I heard “Hey Krishne what’s up” as usual in his bossy+friendly+botherly style. I looked at him and there he was BABA… no just kidding. But it was one of Baba’s beautiful children who is kind, sensitive, smart, and very giving Mohit ji. What happened? You look down. Is everything ok? he asked. I didn’t answer him. He came and sat next to me and asked one more time. I narrated the whole conversation with my MOM and ended up saying what if I never get a chance to come to Ashram and see Srihari? She is really very controlling. He smiled and said, “YOU ARE HERE SINCE SUCH LONG period, IT MEAN THAT THERE IS SOMEONE WHO IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ANYONE WHO IS CONTROLLING YOUR LIFE. DON’T FORGET YOUR ETERNAL MOTHER SRIHARI, you silly girl”. This one sentence was enough to bring me back on track. Thank you Mohit ji.


When you make God your everything and you are walking on his showen path, he will always make sure that you are not alone. No doubt he will test you to bring the best out of you but he will never ever fails you. Even if you are feeling that you have failed he will always send his angels to pull you out of that thinking, situation and set you on track. When you make him as yours “AAPKI CHINTA AAPKE GURU (BHAGWAN) KO HOGI”  so HAKUNA MATA. He is the greatest controller.

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Thank you for everything. Take care and I love you all…..