In Japan they make teacups very thin. So delicate and thin that people feel that they often break when people are handling them.

I guess they have a reason in doing that. They are teaching people to have more awareness in dealing with certain things. So if you have more awareness, handle the cups with more care, even the most delicate ones will not break.

The lesson doesn’t stop only at the cups. Zen masters take the same analogy and teach their students about some delicate situations in life and how to handle them with care.

It’s important to do the same with the feelings of others.
Some hearts, most hearts, require extra care to handle otherwise the damage could be irreversible. Broken cups, broken hearts. Cups you could replace, hearts? You do the math.

Ask Farid ji and he says that is the way to understand God. “If you want to seek God, don’t intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings”.
I say intentionally because there are people who might be hurt because of their own disposition or interpretation of a situation.
But you don’t hurt anyone with your words or gestures.

Learn to handle everything with care just like delicate, thin, precious tea cups.

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