My friend Nolita says that her boss is very good at his work but is very arrogant. She can’t stand the way he is abrasive, careless and harsh at times. And just like a knee-jerk reaction, she feels that she doesn’t want to give her best shot because he will probably shoot down her idea in front of everyone.

When you know you have to deal with someone like him, you may need to adapt your style. Perhaps you can email him your ideas/suggestions. Maybe you can role-play the scenarios with your co-workers or you may want to write on a white paper or make a video clip on the subject.

You may want to work in such a way that you exceed expectations which forces the boss to need you. One of the recent movies showcasing this aspect is Late Night with Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling. We can live vicariously; all art helps us do that. We can re-pattern because we are not measuring him but our work output.

Thinking positive is a good starting point but don’t you think acting positively is also a good place to begin? We are wired to meet life head-on and solve its puzzles every day. We are not ever given something we can’t handle. We are born heroes and this is our gift. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to handle it with care?