I am back again. Not with a bang though!!! I thought it has been a year since the stories of Kishori and others have entertained you. Maybe I can call them Kishori and Co. Looks professional. I hope their stories helped to give you a fresh perspective on how you look at various aspects of life especially the mystical dimensions. And I am sure that some of you have already become their fans and  eagerly wait to read more of their amazing journeys because @TruthBeTold I do too 🙂

But in OS.ME you don’t only tell stories, you tell YOUR stories, your life experiences which made you the way you are now. Life transforming anecdotes from childhood, maybe traumatising, maybe filled with dark bleak pathways but still indeed an indispensable ingredient for a life transformative change, isn’t that so? I am sure many of you are here because Mahamaya was graceful enough to disillusion you soon enough in life. What methods she used, may be questionable for many but still it brought us till here and it will take us further too.

That made me realise that no matter how insignificant my childhood anecdotes may be to me, it may still hold a significant value for others. It may act as a source of inspiration, for others to inspire and be inspired. Don’t worry, you will still be getting to read the stories of Kishori and Co. Keeping that thought in mind, I have decided that from now on I will post two articles a month: one will be of our amazing beings and their fabulous journeys and the other will be the anecdotes of mine.

For a few of you who might wonder. No, I didn’t fall from heaven nor did I have a special birth, normal delivery of course! Just kidding. Yes, but the life situations I went through is surely a tale to tell. So grab yourselves, not me of course, and buckle up because I will take you…………. Nowhere actually! Just here. 

So lets start, shall we? With your permission of course! So, as I got my ordinary birth, I got something add on with it. You know, those BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offers? Yes, that one. So, I don’t know how but I got extremely lucky, so lucky that I inherited an autosomal dominant disorder from my family. Wonderful, isn’t it? In this generation, I am the sole heir of it. I am so proud of myself actually 🙂 The disease is named Retinitis Pigmentosa.

For those of you who don’t know, Retinitis Pigmentosa leads to gradual destruction of rod and cone cells of retina responsible for night and colour vision respectively which ultimately leads to blindness. And as usual with many genetic disorders, it doesn’t have any cure as of now. The first symptom that manifests is night blindness. As a result, I was incapable of seeing in the dark. But duh! No one can see in the dark. Yes, but using a candle or a dim light source at least one can figure out but I couldn’t. 

However, I wanted to tell that it is not the child with disability that suffers the disability but it is their parents who suffer the most anticipating what would happen to their child’s future. Well, my parents were not that extraordinary so yes, it ate them up to the core but they never showed their concerns in front of me. As for me, I didn’t feel disabled because disability comes with reference to something or someone and for me, during that time, the reference point was me, as I believed no one could see at such a dim light.

But gradually as I grew up, the disability started obstructing my explorations. It started coming in way for the activities I wanted to participate in. Not only it rendered me inefficient during night but also during day where there were very dim light sources. During my childhood, I was a very ambitious child with a very sharp intellect because I would never want to just believe and accept something just because someone said so, even if it was from some scripture. I always had the principle that any phenomenon that happens around anything must have some cause and effect relationship. However, I did have the decency to admit the fact that maybe to grasp that relationship my present faculties were not sufficient enough. And to find out, you know what is needed? Yes, exploration and for that you need to get out of your house and roam like a vagabond. And here too, the disability came in the way. And this started making me very frustrated.

The typical masculine trait of always wanting to achieve something, conquer, go somewhere is what got hold of me. I am sure you still get afflicted with your masculine traits till today. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, it is present in everyone in various proportions. And this sense of inefficiency used to make me fit with rage. Gouts of anger would metaphorically burn anyone who would come near me during that time. For the very first time, I questioned my abilities and coaxed myself of being a nincompoop. Well I didn’t know the word ‘nincompoop’ during that time. I just saw it now and thought maybe it will fit here well.

But something happened after that, and that something paved the way for something so phenomenal that I am grateful for till today. Well, I am not going to narrate verything all here. I need to still leave something for my future articles too. Marketing strategy, you know? See you next month and yes, one more thing before I stop. 

As Swamiji always said, to have a decent laugh, one must look at the mirror. Keep looking, keep smiling.