Am experiencing the hang over. Yesterday evening a lot of Bollywood stuff was consumed. On Netflix “Bollywood wives” and on YouTube a tour of Film City and Bandra, Worli. Around 3-4 hours of continuous consumption. And today I see that the flow of thoughts has increased, their direction has changed, and mind is still recollecting the stuff I saw 12 hours ago.

Its a strong blow indeed. But its worth bearing. Am going through a live experience of loosing tranquility, and am a witness to watching solitude (mental) getting diluted!. This mindful, first hand observation of “How our brain works” is simply amazing. So powerful.

Today I understand the word “discipline” and its importance , as I bear the early morning sour & bitter taste of breaking it. Am badly missing the sweetness I experience by chanting Maa’s Sahastra namas. They really are sweetest of sweet. But today the sour and bitter has overshadowed the sweet.

Its going to take time now. Not much can be done. Once I had read the following :-

Seeker – I am unable to enjoy chanting. My mind wanders.

Master – please continue to chant, even if as a routine. Soon the enjoyment would also start to gush up.

Master gave an example –

When we get jihva – rog ( a disease), our taste buds can’t give us sweet taste of misri( a sugar). Then the vaidyacharya ji’s (doctor ) advice is to keep licking the misri even if its not giving u taste and soon the taste buds would be healthy. You would begin to enjoy the taste of sweet misri.

Similar is the working of chanting on you. Even if its not enjoyable, the only way to get hooked to it is to keep up with the practice. Moreover, God’s name is ‘chaitanya’ and not a ‘jad’ object.

This example stayed with me. When implemented upon, this became my ‘Jaagrit’ experience.

Maa’s chanting only would wash off this bitterness and bring back that divine flavour.

Hari bol 🌹🌹🌹