Jai Shree Ram

Om Shree Hanumate Namah :


I prostrate Myself

At the Sandal feet

of my spiritual master

cleaning the mirror

of my mind

knowing myself

to be a fool

an ignorant wretch

I now tell

the glory of the

Sri Rahguvir

of the Raghuvamsa

who is the bestower

of the fourfold blessing

Dharma, Artha, Kama, And Moksha


Knowing myself to be ignorant

listen to my prayers

O ! Pavan Kumar

Give me strength, intelligence, and knowledge

and remove

the physical, mental and spiritual

 blemishes and afflictions

that haunts me

day and night

Victory Victory

to you

O! Hanuman

The ocean of knowledge and Virtue

Victory Victory

to you

O! Hanuman

the lamp that enlightens

heaven, earth and nether world

the three worlds

You are the messenger of Sri Rama

possessor of infinite strength

You are the son of

Mother Anjani  and Lord Pavan

The Anjani Pavan Progeny


You possess splendor valiance

and thunderboltic strength

with your roar

of Jai Shree Ram

you dispel

evil thoughts in a snap of a finger

giving your devotees

good companions and virtuous sense

along with sweet wisdom

A golden hue emanates from your body

you are adorned in splendid dresses

a pleasant sight to behold

to these dead eyes

you wear ear-rings

and have a flowing brown-curly hair

you hold thunderbolt mace

in your hand

given to you by the

king of gods Indra

and carry the flag of Sri Rama

and you wear the sacred thread

across your body

your birth

was the coming of

Shiva, the Adiyogi

O! Son of Kesari

the three world

adores you and sings your praises

because of your

immeasurable strength and courage

you are

learned, virtuous, and extremely intelligent

using these

you are always eager to do

the bidding of Sri Rama

you revel in

hearing the words

describing the deeds

of the Raghupati Raja Ram

your heart is the abode of

Lord Rama, Lady Sita, and Lord Lakshmana

You appeared to Lady Sita

in the diminutive form

in the time of her distress

carrying the words

of the reassurance

that Lord Rama

is coming for his beloved Sita

you took a gigantic form

and Ravana in his egoic folly

burnt your tail

and with that you

burnt the beloved

golden Lanka

of the Ravana

you also assumed

the gigantic form

and destroyed the demons

and accomplished the

the task of Sri Rama

You flew to the Himalayas

and bought back the

Dron Hill

on which grew the

Sanjivini herbs

for the wounded Lakshmana

Sri Rama’s

eyes were numb with tears of joy

who extolled your virtues

embracing you

he said

“Hanuman you

are as dear to me as

my brother Bharata.”

Even the thousand-headed Sheshnag

the serpentine king

sings your praises

with his thousand heads

so said, Sri Rama.

Sankara, Narada

and sages throughout the ages

Lord Brahama, Lady Saraswati, Sheshnag

Yama, Kubera, and the guardian deities

poets and scholars of all centuries

have not yet come

up with words

to tell the world

of your glory

as even the words

in the dictionary are less

to describe your deeds

Sugriva the king of Kiskindha

was dethroned

but because of your help

was restored

with aid of

Raghupati Raja Ram

when he killed Vali

with his arrows

and gave Sugriva back his throne

Vibhisana brother of

the demon king

listened to your sagely advice

taking refuge in the

lotus feet of Sri Rama

and the world knows

that he became

the king of Lanka

you traveled

sixteen thousand miles

in jump

and swallowed the sun

thinking it to be a sweet fruit in one gulp.

the crossing of the ocean

while carrying the

the ring which Lord Rama

gave to you

to show to Lady Sita

that you are the messenger

of Sri Rama

no wonder in that

when you can jump

sixteen thousand miles

in one jump

then crossing an ocean

is the child’s play for you

when your grace shines

even the most arduous task

are rendered easy

by your grace.

You guard the entrance

to the heavenly kingdom of

Sri Rama

and no one

can enter

the sacred abode of Sri Hari

without your blessings

You are the refuge

for those burning in this world

and those who take refuge in you

enjoy the happiness of Sri Rama

when you are my guardian angel

then who do I

Must fear anywhere?

You alone can control

your fiery energy

and when

you roar

the three world trembles

as your roar is even

more fierce and dangerous

then the sound of the

thread of Arjuna’s Gandiv

When one utters the

your sacred name Mahavir

evil spirits and ghosts

tremble in fear

running away in feary haste

you remove

all afflictions and diseases

of your devotees

who with love

utter your sacred name

you remove the troubles

of your devotees

who meditate upon you with

mind, words, and deeds

Sri Rama

is the king of all Yogis

and you Hanuman

do fulfill the works of Sri Rama

the devotees who

prostrate at your feet

with any desire

they get the highest fruit of life

the Moksha

while alive

In all four ages

you are worshipped

as the eternal

and the whole world

is awash with your glory

as there can be no one

in this world

who has not heard

your name or glorious deeds

you are the savior of saints and sages

destroyer of demons

beloved of Sri Rama

you bestow

the eight perfections

and nine devotions

a blessing bestowed upon you

by Mother Janaki

You are the essence

of the devotion of Sri Rama

and this humble scribe

blesses you

that forever you

remain the devotee of Sri Rama

through devotion to you

one attains Sri Rama

and at the moment of

last breath

through devotion to you

one attains the abode of Sri Rama

known where that devotee

as the devotee of Sri Rama

even one devoid of

all worships of any god

one who worships you

the Anjani progeny

the Vayu Progeny

Sri Hanuman

one gets bliss of the ecstasy of your

devotion to Sri Raghupati Rama

difficulties and despair

run with their tails

tucked between their legs

when one contemplates

on the valiant mighty Sri Hanuman

Victory, Victory, Victory

to you, O Sri Hanuman

bestower of grace

O! Supreme Hanuman

bestow upon this wretch

your grace

those who read

Hanuman Chalisa

one hundred times

with love in their heart

for them, Sri Hanuman himself comes

freeing them from the

worldly bondages

bestowing upon them

the happiness of all three worlds

those who read Hanuman Chalisa

for ten times ten

with supreme devotion

are fated to become perfect

as witnessed by

the Adiyogi

The Shiva

Tulsidas, the original scribe

who penned Hanuman Chalisa

is always at the feet of Sri Hari

with teary eyes of devotion

praying to Sri Hari

to reside in his heart


Sri Hanuman

Son of Pavana

destroyer of difficulties

having an auspicious form

along with

Sri Rama, Mother Janaki, Sri Lakshmana

please dwell in my heart.

Jai Shree Ram

Om Shree Hanumate Namah

Ram Is The Only Truth.