Sometimes we just forget how one particular moments feels’ like. That moment of living in the moments. They come seldom. But when they come you just feel to forget them. And the funniest thing is that you can’t recall them how it happened. Whatever it may be…….. It was wonderful. In all its way. And it was mine. and trying to make it all right. I go back to it all the time.

The highway of the bridge. Is just too beautiful, as the winds have changed. I believe it at the heart of the door of unbelievable. But why do we only remember is pain. Why can’t we practice to remember the beautiful time? Pain is important; it makes us. How about the love and happiness we have expressed by simply looking at these beautiful mountains that are lying next to my eye? If it is the last time; more than a memory. I can use it and what if I don’t feel it again. Something I can remain and be reminded about the sweet and sour feeling of being content and self-containment.

Let me record the feel of belongingness as I will forget in the process of happy and enjoyment. I don’t want a blank mind let me get it gently like a fine din in your backyard. With dimming light saying it and capturing the moment forever. don’t pretend to preserve it. let the moment move like time. If time stops how will it work.

There is no divinity or some specific word for it. Its life happening and it happens to us even when we hardly realize. If time vanishes we will be stuck here. who wants to live here forever? If we did, the whole concept of moment is vanished. And we being human, how will be fooled by the delusion of eternity. We need material of being something foolish to buy. I’m no exception. I love the way it makes me enter the life of something we call ‘REALITY’.  What is reality merely a skeptical way of livelihood.