In life all things are interdependent: Day and night are together so is life and death, failure/success, happiness/unhappiness, summer/winter, youth/old age, beauty/ugliness — all are interdependent, they exist together. And the man who starts seeking one pole against the other pole is getting into unnecessary trouble.  He desires the impossible; and he will get very frustrated. . Life is rich because of polar opposites. The very idea that one would like to be happy forever is stupid. The very idea will create only unhappiness and nothing else. The happy person is one who is happy even when there is unhappiness. He understands life and accepts its polarities. He knows success is possible only because failure is also possible. So when failure comes he accepts it. When happiness comes, enjoy happiness; when unhappiness comes, enjoy unhappiness. When there is happiness, dance with it; when there is unhappiness, cry with it. That’s the meaning of ‘Enjoy’. If we can accept unhappiness as smoothly as we welcome happiness, we will transcend both. In that very acceptance is transcendence. Then unhappiness and happiness will not make much difference, one will remain the same. When there is sadness one will have a taste of it; and when there is joy one will have a taste of it. And sometimes bitter things also taste beautiful. Too much of AMRIT can also kill. Sadness has something of depth in it which no happiness can ever have. Laughter always looks shallow, tears always look deep. If we want to be happy always we will become a shallow person, a superficial person. Sometimes it is good to fall into the depths, dark and dismal depths of sadness. Both are good. And one should be total in both. Whatsoever happens, go totally into it. When crying, become the crying, and when dancing, become the dance. Then the ultimate happens. By and by one forgets the distinction between what happiness is and what unhappiness is. We enjoy both! So by and by the distinction disappears. And when the distinction has disappeared, there arises something which is eternally there. That is CONSCIOUSNESS. This is a very strange world. There are thousands of reasons to be happy, we have all sorts of comforts; still we are not happy. This world is a world of miserable people. So if we begin to laugh without cause here, people will say we are mad. And if we say, “This laughing comes for no reason, its waves arise within, it just spreads,” people will say, ”Enough! Your mind is disturbed.” But if we pull a long face, look so dejected that seeing our face even ghosts are frightened, then we are fine, then everything goes smoothly for us. We are human the way human beings should be. But when we start smiling, start laughing, start humming songs, when we begin dancing – then certainly we have gone mad. Bliss has been boycotted. We have banished joy from our lives. We sit embracing unhappiness. Here, a pessimistic man appears intelligent, a cheerful man appears insane. Our whole criterion is upside down. Be happy. Be happy right now. It can happen right now. There is no need to delay even a single moment. There is no reason to leave it for tomorrow, no need to postpone it. This happening does not occur in the future, it happens now or never. When it happens it happens right now, because there is no time except NOW. Where is the future? When it comes, it comes as now. Do not leave it for some other time – that is the cunning of the mind. The mind argues: ”How can it happen so fast? Get ready first.” ”Some day” never comes. Life is now, liberation is now. Ignorance is now, knowing is now. Sleep is now, happiness and awakening can happen now. Why some day? It is difficult for the mind, the mind says, you will have to make preparations. The mind argues, ”How can anything happen without preparations?  In this world nothing happens right now. It happens in orderly steps.  But there is one phenomenon in this world which takes place right now. It is happiness and godliness. It is merely a question of opening our eyes. The sun has already emerged. The sun is not waiting for our eyes, saying that until we eyes open he won’t come out. The sun is already out. Light is spread all over. His music is resounding day and night. The sound of ”AUM” is vibrating in all directions. The unstuck music is echoing everywhere. Open your ears! Open your eyes! How much time does it take to open our eyes? It takes even less time to attain happiness. It takes a moment for the eyelid to blink. But it does not take even that much time to attain happiness. ”… we are the witness of the whole universe. Know this and be happy.” Be happy right now.