What is happiness, I have always wondered? Happiness is synonymous with sacrifice in the Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, according to psychologists happiness is the state of mind. Many of us continue to seek happiness, but do we ever find it? I think the answer is no. We don’t find it since we all suffer from the syndrome known as JYTC-Just around the corner at some point in our lives. Years ago, I read about it and decided to bring it here. It’s about goalposts that keep moving. We want something, we build a desire for it, and we keep chasing after it to fulfill it, and once we do, we are pleased and fulfilled. However, we quickly notice that something is lacking, and we begin running again. We adjust the goalposts every time we achieve something, hoping to find contentment and happiness in a different area.

We feel that this is the final time and that this is the last corner, but this never happens, and we look for happiness in all the wrong places, never finding it.

So, what is the key to happiness? Instead of looking ahead, look within, as Swami Ji suggests. In the words of Swami Ji, happiness may cause grief, but there is no antonym for Anand (joy) (delight). When you recognize that, it is only our inner selves that can provide us true joy, you stop looking to the corner, and the goal post stays the same.

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