When you feel like you are strong and happy, it is the strongest time of your life. We feel this way because we have a lot of energy and you are giving or spreading energy to everyone around you. 

When you feel weak and unhappy, it is the time when you give up or get very angry. We feel like giving up because we have given all our energy to others and nothing is with you. And we feel angry because we gather our whole body’s energy to one point, and we can’t bear that much energy at one point, so we get angry.

Here is an example: 

If there is a football match going on, both teams score a lot of goals. But it remains equal. One of the team captains scores a goal and goes for defence. The other team couldn’t score a goal. The team, with high goals, is happy and in the mood to spread jokes and happiness. But the other team captain is angry. He plays with anger but fails.

Everyone knows that happiness gives more energy than anger does. The team with an angry captain lost the match. If the team of happiness was neutral in mood, then the angry team would win. As the neutral team has normal energy, while the anger team has energy at one point.

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