The yesterday got something flourishing ✨ perhaps something that I had Been waiting for longtime to pass which I don’t material to be mentioned here. So the day before yesterday, a philosophical thought came across my mind 🤔 “what if things head south tomorrow”. It was no out of the blue question as I kept my entire attention for yesterday. The only thing I knew was that if things fall on the other side of the lane, my entire positive mood will drain out. 

Such questions keep on coming before any big events because my mood gets set in accordance to such. So coming back to the day before yesterday, I simply realized may be we put so much sweat onto something, we put by product expectations along too. Learning to detach ourselves from material is no easy. 

Being a philosophical nerd, another philosophical thought came across that every thought comes with an emotion. Emotion of expectation of change. The change that could make us happy and difference that could make us gloomy. It is damn easy to say that things certainly won’t hit but they do. Spoken and mentioned earlier, keeping your attention till to yourself is just a tiny matter of  self reliance that cannot be established pretty quick. 

So the simplest of the analysis that have been concluded that external forces will keep on determining our emotions till we keep our happiness onto tomorrow 😉. Right here right now, everything that has been given to me by the grace of almighty, a sense of gratitude must be shown. The gratitude is accepted in real when we find ourselves enough every single time and respect whatever is gone, welcomes whatever’s next and thank whatever stays. A repetitive concept which is herd by everyone but findng yourself in such a space is brutally peaceful. 

People set goals and purposes when met feels damn good and when miss but a foot feel terrible. Setting up purposes for the day is a sole thing that keeps us away from all the insignificant issues but on opening things in full, purposes are are no less than material truth, which make goal oriented people dance on the narrow lane. Most of what we get is based on how badly we want it, once a wise man said, everyome and everything stay by a happy and self sufficient person. 

The art of self realization is perhaps what the ultimate purpose must be. The state of being happy and peaceful. Many people we have come across have achieved way too much yet happy with the way they used to be because even their purposes couldn’t change their way of being themselves.

And the Simplest way of self realization of being alone and be your own self. And being alone means free of thoughts and emotions driven by anything that possess mood ✔. Once the happiness is found in now, everything else is just a matter time⏲️.