From the comfort of my window, I was enjoying snow fall. Roof tops, road, trees, the hills—all covered with snow. Small birds were socializing at the roof top and sometimes pecking into the snow, may be wanted to taste it; whatever it was very peaceful to watch these tiny creatures enjoying life. Very BLISSFUL. With this came a thought ,”Am I also happy like these birds?” simple question but why couldn’t I find simple answer.  My life was comfort personified still something was missing, I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Suddenly came another picture in my mind, a ten year old girl sitting in a window, staring at the window across the street . She was munching ‘roasted kaala chana’ (black gram). She was visiting her grand-parents. Every day she will take a penny with a hole(many of you must have not even heard about it) and go to the corner of the street where a women with fire burning under a big pan with sand in it was sitting and waiting for customers like me. I will give her my penny and she will put fistful of kaala chana in hot sand. The seeds will start sputtering making  rhythmic sound and after a while she took one heavy earthen pot and crushed the chanas. She always gave me a little extra which I shared with her little girl. I can feel that satisfaction of sharing even now. We exchanged our experiences with each other.

In that era sharing was simple and came so easily, one didn’t have to think before offering or accepting. May be society was not that complex.

Life was simple with  few comforts but it was blissful.


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