After immense feedbacks and appreciations of my previous blogs, I was bemused that what could be the next topic for my blog as I now feel a great responsibility towards my readers to give them an awe-inspiring experience.

I thought for days, changed with a topic to the topic however when I came in Zen mode, I realized a topic which everyone can relate and very desperate to have it though could not achieve it, is -“HAPPINESS”.

It’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness.

I have underlined this line for you to read it twice, to realize that everyone has their battles to win. Even I have got many troubles in my life so far, sometimes it was not even relevant to be happy or even smile, though with time I realized that neither sadness nor being unhappy doesn’t anywhere help my sadness or my sorrows to get away from me. These either will increase (the sadness and the sorrows) or if not increase, dulls my face (as I am a woman I am quite bothered about it). So what should be the way to be happy?????

In my opinion,to be there live and kinky in that particular moment.

I understand that If I or for that matter anyone in a difficult situation is even unable to smile or laugh. Then how much it is difficult to be present in that situation if it doesn’t suit my needs or my mood.

Well, here is my perspective for you which I look forward to while being in a difficult situation. Rather, there is a series of questions that run like a movie in my mind.

Tu kya lekar aaya tha,tu kya lekar jaayega????

Kaun hai tu,toh vyarth main itni chinta kyu?????

Jo tera hai wo tera hi rahega ,aur jo tera nahi uske liye aansu bahana kyu?????

Usne (God) tujhe paida kiya ,bada kiya ,sawara……toh tere mann main itne shaqq hai kyu????

We pray …We join hands….We bow down in front of the greatest power…. Because we all know, He is there with us….All the time….every minute second of life….then why we doubt him for our happiness?

Do we ever question to our parents that will you give me food for dinner or not?….No and I think would Never ….because we know they are our caretakers and they will bake, cook, fry every small and big thing just to make us happy .

Then why do we doubt the lord who gave the ultimate, authenticated life to us….

Because we don’t have faith….we can’t see him…so just doubt him…

As Bhagwad Gita says

“There is no happiness in store for him who always doubts neither in this world nor elsewhere.”

Happiness is not having everything or waiting for happy moments to enjoy. Happiness is enjoying those little things that you have and thanks to God for every moment….. that “I am thankful to you for the food, clothes, water, and most important the air that I breathe as many like me must not having it and I feel blissful to have your immense grace on me”……

Let’s take a small example of kids…They get happy by just jumping on bed…they get happy just by running and playing in mud…They don’t think too much…they don’t worry because they know their parents will do the best for them…then why being his(almighty) children we doubt.

Happiness is a inside job. 2

Doubting him is like doubting our soul, as he(God) is within us…no where else.

“Do you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you?”-1 Corinthians 3:16

This is a verse of the bible, which tells you that He is inside us nowhere else…so why look for him in temples or some sacred space…It is we only, who have all the divinity …LOVE YOURSELF…..LOVE ONE ANOTHER…

Happiness is a inside job. 3

Happiness would not come when you wait for it…..create it….it is within you and you only…

LAUGH …SMILE…And Make The World Around You A Better Place To Live In…..No One Else Is Going To Do It For You…..

And the best wishes from my side to you……To be now the leader of your happiness.

“Man is made by his belief, as he believes, so he is”-Bhagwad Gita




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