We have one year old dog, Sona. She is big, beautiful; the color of her coat is grayish Brown with suggestion of shiny silver. People stop by to appreciate her. We have nanny, Patricia to look after her. One day she took my grandchildren, her son and Sona to dog’s park. After spending two hours they all were exhausted, hungry and tired. They came running to get into the car but stopped short surprised and slightly scared. Someone had forced open the car. Patricia was dumbfounded, opened the car, broken pieces of glass all over the front passenger seat and her wallet missing from her bag. She immediately called her bank, reported misuse of her CC and narrated the whole incidence.
Reported the incidence to the police, they came immediately. After taking pictures and writing the report offered to drive children and Sona to the house so that Patricia could deal with insurance for the damages and repair etc
Her mother helps us in our house. She found her two CC were used for six hundred dollars. Poor lady her hard earned money was gone. I forced her to call the bank but she was reluctant, was scared to involve police as she was expected to report the theft of her CCs. I kept on forcing her to call the bank, offered her some juice made her sit on the chair and then forced her again. This time she listened and called the bank. They listened and filed the complaint and promised to take action. Yesterday after ten days she got a letter of confirmation of CCs fraud and her money deposited in her account.
She sent me the copy and her cheerful thanks. This small sentence filled my heart with happiness a very different kind of contentment- a bliss and this feeling stayed with me for a long time

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