We are happy when we feel that a good future is ahead of us. Such a future is a solid foundation for our current happiness. When we donโ€™t feel the future as something positive then we canโ€™t just be happy. A sense of the future must be positive for happiness to be present. So, pure thoughts come into the pure place. Neither happiness nor peace can be invoked into our lives if we’re not clear & clean. After that setting, we attract freedom. The search for freedom is the best tool of evolution we’re going through now. That freedom we feel after meditation shows that there is something important in us. And we see that we can easily get to it. Because it’s within us. And it’s always available. And that means we’re not separated from what’s most important to us. Life is always here-now, and is always in-out. So be patient. Because, patience is the physical manifestation of the present moment, and freedom is the physical manifestation of happiness.

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