On the eve of Guru Purnima, I take this opportunity to thank my school teacher who recently encouraged me and was by my side in completing a project for the competition. And I would love to share how my teacher showed confidence in my abilities and made me feel happy about myself. As I shared my os.me story with my school teacher’s and my interest in writing, they got really happy and enjoyed reading stories on os.me and encouraged me to write more stories.

When my mathematics teacher got to know about my stories, she was very glad and happy reading them and with my new interest. Coincidently, it happens that there was a story writing competition which is about to happen. The first thought of Meetu Ma’am for selecting a student for the competition was me in her mind and the reason is that I write short stories and she was glad that I am the only one who writes independently. My math teacher Meetu ma’am called me and asked me to write a story on love for the moon, as the competition is about selenophiles. For this competition, I have to write a story about the moon and then make a PowerPoint presentation of the story and then convert it into a video.

I said yes to the competition but a big problem was that I was running a high fever (102°) so I was not able to make a story. My lovely bua helped me to write the story. After some days, I was fine and started my work. My ma’am, Bua and sister were a big support in editing the story, making a PowerPoint presentation and converting it into video. My mom was encouraging me. My grandma was super-excited to see my complete video.

My ma’am was constantly encouraging me to give my best and guiding me about mistakes in my story and PowerPoint presentation.  This was a big support for me. My sister was helping me with photo-editing for the PowerPoint presentation. My bua was helping me in making the video.

I was happy to see my complete video with the great support of my dear ones and especially aa’am who graced me with this opportunity. After finalising my video, I shared it with ma’am and she was very happy and satisfied. Seeing her happiness, I was relaxed and took a deep breath. Sitting far away from me, my ma’am helped me very much in all the ways. I am very thankful to her and wish her Happy Guru Purnima.

I hope you would want to see the video I prepared for the competition, which I’ll share with you all once my ma’am allows me.

Happy Guru Purnima to Swami Ji and my Pranam at your lotus feet.🙏🙏💕🌷🌷

Thank you Sri Hari Bhagwan ji for helping me and your grace.🙏🙏🌷
Jai Sri Hari
Keep smiling 😃, 

Editing Credit and Story Support: My Bua