“What exactly is the purpose of human life?” I often pose this question to my friends, acquaintances.

Many of my friends want to wallow in wealth, live a king size life.
Some want beautiful, athletic bodies.
An aged acquaintance interestingly opines, “Sir, human beings are sent on Earth so that they may earn well, eat well, drink well, mate well and sleep well.”

The opinions may differ, but sadly everybody wants happiness.
Nobody here wants blissfulness!

Though “Happiness” and “Blissfulness” seem synonymous terms, they are opposite poles.

One’s happiness is dependent on someone/something.
It is ephemeral in nature.
For example, delicious food brings only fleeting elation.
As soon as the food is polished off, joy vanishes in thin air.

Blissfulness is however a totally different concept.
Simply put, it means “everlasting happiness” not dependent on things/beings.

I firmly believe that every sane, healthy person must strive to be blissful.

“How can one achieve blissfulness?”

Through my introspections and readings, I have found that everlasting happiness can be achieved in two ways :
(a) By controlling one’s mind.
(b) By listening, paying heed to one’s inner voice – conscience.

Mind is like a wheel which revolves incessantly, generating new – often useless -thoughts.
Higher the motion of the mind, the more restless, despondent a person is.

Alcohol, obscene songs, obscene sights, obscene talks, evil company accelerates the motion of the mind.

By doing japa (recitation of a mantra or the name of a deity) and meditation, the wheel of the mind can be slowed down, eventually brought to a halt.

The slower the movement of the mind, the fewer the thoughts.
The fewer the thoughts, the fewer the desires. The fewer the desires, greater is the peace.
When the wheel of one’s mind stops entirely, one becomes desireless which is a prerequisite for attaining bliss.

I have seen many a wealthy person having innumerable thoughts, plans in their minds. Though these loaded have all sorts of luxuries, they have restless minds.
Peace eludes them!
Whereas a monk who lives in a Himalayan cave and who practises thought-control is blissful in spite of his poverty.

To remain perpetually happy, it is very essential to listen to one’s inner conscience -whatever may be the circumstances.

One should never let oneself governed by any religion, doctrine or ideology.

A truly religious person only listens to one’s inner voice, for he knows that inner voice is nothing but God’s own counsel!

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

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