Happy B.day to you ,Happy birthday to U ,Happy birthday Dear KomOm happy b.day My Love! You are my cuppy cake  apple of my eyes and the cutest gift Swamiji gave me! So much love you do always give with Gopi songs! Does he love me is your favorite quote and how much is the next question!The girl with Double Om and black lotus mascot you are are Os.me pioneer writer! Kindness is your nature  compassion your religion ,Love your heart beat and Wisdom your breath! Swamiji s little girl who is his monkey 🐒 baby O Komal I love you! Aap kabhi tto busy hote honge ,your favorite hindi quote! Mango juice and fries you feed Swamiji and make him a Punjabi Munda! Jannam din kee khooob shubh Kamnaayei. Hum bhee agar bache hote naam humara hota Gopa gopeee khaane ko milte Ladooo and Os.me Kehta Happy birthday to you! Baar baar ye din aaye baar baar ye dil gaaye…too jiye hazaaro saal ye meri hei aaarzoo…happy b.day to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday Dear Kom kom ,Happy birthday! Tumhe aur kyaa doo iss dil ke sivaye..tumko humari ummar lag jaaye!