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Dear Hemanya 🤗😍 ,

Wishing you very very very happy birthday dear 🙂❤️❤️

I read your mother’s Sonali Ji’s post about your unbelievable activities . I didn’t know these things about you . I read your posts and no doubt they are immense beautiful . When I had read your post first time , I thought someone is writing behind you 😉 but you are so unique !! I am surprised by reading you written beautiful poems for swami ji in very less time 🤗🤗 I feel you have divine ansh within you . You are so blessed dear 😇🙏 There is lot to learn from you . My best wishes are always with you 💖💖 In meera Ji’s post , I saw beautiful loving angel on her birthday while cutting cake 😍💕 I am very proud of you Hemanya ❤️❤️ Always stay blessed 🌷🌷

Once again very happy birthday to sweet , cute , brilliant He Manya 😊😘🎈🎈🎊🎁🎀

Love You 💖💖

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