Happy Birthday Hemanya

There was a beautiful angel in God’s house in Heaven. She was a very special angel, and one of God’s favourite. She was very sweet, and always cheerful. She had this special knack of bringing a smile on anyone’s face, however down they were feeling. She loved to make the others around her feel special. She was very good at giving others unexpected surprises. She helped decorate God’s house with beautiful bright paintings. She entertained God by telling cute stories and beautiful heart warming poems. She spread love and warmth wherever she went. But one day God heard the prayers coming from Sonali asking for a lovely angel to bless her life with more joy and color. God loved this little angel very much, and at first felt a little reluctant, but he also loved Sonali very much as Sonali was a beautiful person and she deserved a lot of happiness for serving His children so selflessly on earth. So he decided to send his sweet favorite angel to Sonali. That’s how our lovely dear Hemanya came to earth. And still she is spreading love and warmth all around her… And we are all blessed to have her in our life. 😍😍

Thank you God… 🙏🙏

And my dear Hemanya, wishing you a super awesome birthday, hope your day is a very very special one !!! Just like you make other people feel special. Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you. ❤️🤗😘❤️🤗😘❤️🤗😘❤️🤗😘❤️🤗😘❤️🤗😘❤️🤗😘❤️🤗😘❤️🤗😘❤️🤗😘❤️🤗😘❤️🤗😘

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