Dearest Swami ji, wish you a very very happy birthday!!!

As my mortal self-floats in the sea of eternal bliss, your birthdays are the warmth of the sunlight that bless my cold soul in it.

It is on your birthdays that the Sun expresses its happiness by turning into a light red hue, replicating your rosy cheeks.

The moon becomes envious as it is unable to recreate the graceful glow of your halo.

The air whistles like a flute to remind us of Lord Krishna’s presence.

Each grass stem brawls with another to get a chance to feel your lotus feet.

The squirrels wait for your caress to reexperience Lord Rama’s touch.

It is as if Mother Parvati ji, once again molded her Turmeric paste to create our beloved master. 

 Looking forward to visiting the ashram soon!

I hope that your blessings and grace always stay with me

Thank you so much for everything!

with deepest regards and gratitude

Aarushi Atri   

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