Pranam Swamiji. I want to convey you a Very Happy Birthday!

I am really surprised that you use Baby Pillow for sleeping. You are very cute. One thing I can say is Baby Pillow is very good for sleeping. I can tell this from my experience of sleeping on Samil’s pillow at times. It is soft, nice and gives a good comfort and cozy feeling.

As I celebrate my birthday by cutting cake, how do you celebrate? Do you also cut cake? My favourite flavour is Vanilla, what is yours? Actually, I do not know what to write to you on this occasion, but only thing I can write is I am very happy to have you in my life. I have written a poem and made a greeting card for you on your birthday.

East or west, Swamiji, you are the Best,

Your face is the brightest!

I love your funny lines,

They are suited for all terrines.

Though I can’t understand your words fully,

I try to listen very coolly and I may be a little silly.

I love your smiling face a lot,

It’s really cool as well as hot!

Thank you for gifting me Samil,

I also have a sibling by my side quite agile!

Please find the Greeting Card. I hope you have already received the actual card at Ashram.

Once again, Happy Birthday to you Swamiji.

Thank you.