You are undoubtedly the Divine pure, white Light,
as all the colors have chosen to bathe and ornate You
With every Vidya vying to partake in You and Your life,
You have record-breakingly mastered and transcended every arena of life
The universe craftfully prepared and presented to You the best it can afford,
whilst nature molded You to be one of Her finest creations in the history of mankind
In You, I see no lack, no dearth, just unbridled radiance, and unparalleled splendor
You are above vidvaans and pandits for all the knowledge You carry within
You can as easily be an astute businessman as You can shower transcendental healing and compassion
You are a superior logician as well as a phenomenal bhakta of the unknown and unseen
You are an uncompromising master as well as the forgiver of our greatest sins
Every flavor of the Goddess resides at Your fingertips
You are the powerhouse of every benefic Shakti in existence
You are the Mahapurusha, incarnation of the creator Himself
When Hari and Harinim have chosen to be seated within You,
wherever You are, there shifts the garbhagudi, our sanctum sanctorum,
offering sarvaalankara darshana of Your every form
You are a walking, talking, breathing, living Sacchidananda
Our very own source of ananda, now and always