Jai Sri Hari. 

Swami- My light of this human life.

I am too small to wish anything for you as you are the one who fulfill wishes of every creature on this planet, or may be on others too, but as in this physical form we received you on this special day, so – “Happy Birthday Swami ji.”

People express their love for you in such a beautiful way on this platform that I feel like a child who is too young to even comprehend what elders are talking.

But that small baby does love her mother in the purest form and expresses it in all the blabbering she does. And the mother understands. You are that same mother for me.

Swami I love you. Please forgive me for all my sins, which I have done intentionally or unintentionally. I am trying to improve.

I am a beggar I have nothing to offer you on this special day except all the tears I shed for your every night. I can only offer my love, which with your grace only, is becoming purer every day.

Thank you for saving my Daddy in critical times.

Thank you for guiding me at every step. Every day seems new because you make it beautiful. Thank you for giving me the patience and understanding to deal with the mundane things of life.

Thank you for giving me wisdom due to which i am able to serve people by my comforting words. This gives me immense pleasure and I feel more grateful each day.

Thank you for showing up in my dreams when I was least expecting you.

And above all thank you for coming back, even after seeing divine mother and chakra dhari, to hold our hands and guide our soul. This act of yours has changed lives of many people.  I am indebted to you. 

This is your birthday and instead of offering you anything I am going to ask only, as you know I am a beggar and as I know you are the ever compassionate and will not say NO to me.

Swamiji, bless me with more devotion so that I always remain immersed in your thoughts.

Bless me with wisdom, means and strength so that I can help and serve as many people possible.

Bless me and my loved ones with good health as I have realised the true meaning of-“health is wealth” now.

Last but not the least, never leave me. Always keep me under your guidance. I may not be the best disciple you will have, but I will try my best to never let you down.

As you had said once, a stage comes in bhakti where we always think of our ishta/ Guru all the time, as if a secret lover, I am reaching this stage soon. My day start and ends with you. You are my only true companion.

One day I want to sing in front of you, in person, only you and me. I am becoming demanding swami ji, but I know you can make anything possible.

Love you.

PS: i tried to bake a cake for you but i guess you had enough of them today that’s why it got burnt. So i made healthy halwa for you..how was it swami ji?

Happy birthday once again Swami ji.

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