Dear Swami Ji,

Happy Birthday. Please accept a small token of LOVE from this ṣiśya of Yours. I could not think of any other Gift other than offering this book to YOU. I know YOU love books the most. Following is an extract from my book, “Vastu Remedies” comprising of 302 pages and 35 chapters. I am delighted to unveil the first glimpse of the book on YOUR birthday. I know You have been there with me throughout my journey of; thinking, writing, editing, designing, formatting and launching this ‘DIY, Vastu Guidebook’.  Thank you for Your Unconditional Love. I have given my best shot, Swami ji. 


ॐ नमो भगवते महापुरुषाय

सर्वगुणसङ्ख्यानायानन्तायाव्यक्ताय नम इति । १७ ।

oṃ namo bhagavate mahāpuruṣāya

sarvaguṇasaṅkhyānāyānantāyāvyaktāya nama iti । 17 ।

Lord Śiva prays:

“Hail! hail to the infinite Lord Viṣṇu, denoted by Oṃ,

and manifest all virtues through unmanifest”.  । 17 ।

-Śrīmada Bhāgavata Mahāpurāṇa- 5.17.17

Oṃ, the mystical syllable, signifies “Lord Viṣṇu” in the most notable Purāṇa of Sanātana Dharma, Śrīmada Bhāgavata Mahāpurāṇa. It has vibrational qualities and stands for pure consciousness. Sage Pātaṃjali in the Pātaṃjali Yoga Sūtra, 1.27 expounds that the sacred word Oṃ denotes God. The sūtra goes as “Tasya Vācakaḥ Praṇavaḥ”, where Tasya means Him, Vācakaḥ means symbolises and Praṇavaḥ means Oṃ.

Interestingly, my Guru’s name is Om Swami.

Ādiśaṅkarācāryaḥ’s book, Aparokṣānubhūti, verse 98, states that “When the Supreme is seen, all actions get destroyed”. Actions correspond to the three karmas: prārabdha, saṃcita and āgāmī. When a devotee gets the vision of the Lord, all his karmas get dissolved. He becomes the Lord. After undergoing extreme penance, Swami ji had the vision of Lord Viṣṇu. He carries various lineages, beginning with Lord Viṣṇu, under His Divine Umbrella.

On 19 January 2019, with a throbbing heartbeat, I asked Him to accept me as His Devotee, i.e., to Initiate me. He cheerfully said, “I don’t Initiate online, one has to come to the Āśrama”.

On 16 March 2019, I was Initiated into His Lineage. After Initiation, our names are anchored with the most potent syllable, Oṃ. I now formally belong to His Lineage, i.e., His Paraṃparā.

I am highly obliged to my Guru for taking up the responsibility of my Karma. This is only possible through a divine guru-ṣiśya Parampara.  Neither magic happens to us nor do we float on fancy chariots after our Initiation process. But magically deep within us, a cleansing begins.

My fourth book, ‘Vastu Remedies’ is a paltry attempt to decode verses of the Vastu scriptures in their elemental form. As Swamī ji says, “I am in no way qualified to even attempt deciphering the esoteric meaning of the scriptures. Even the thought is arrogant, for how can a drop comprehend the depths of an ocean?” With the same thought, I am writing the remedies and procedures from the holy texts to the best of my ability, knowledge, and experience.

Swamī ji states, vidyā dāna, is an act of kindness. With this thought process, I, hereby, attempt to give a handful of my knowledge back to this world. A devotee always yearns for their Guru’s blessings, and I am doing my bit to make my Guru proud. I was one of the devotees who is bestowed with the title, “Dānavīra Karṇa”, after the launch of the Sadhana app, curated by Swami ji for Mantra and Yajña Sadhana.

The Sanskrit term for Invocation is “Maṃgalācaraṇa”. I ‌prostrate before my Guru to bless me with the proper guidance so that the true state of inspiration dawns on me. It is with Swami ji’s advice that the greater Truth will one day be revealed to me.

The real teacher, Lord Śrīhari, Narayana Himself, is the one to instruct us all. My obeisance to Lord Śrīhari and my Guru, Om Swami ji.

Happy Birthday, Swami ji…

Much Love,

Dr Jayshree OM,

Eternally Yours.

Paperback launch date: Basant Panchami, 26-01-23

By the way, as per Panchang, 30-11-22 is a highly auspicious day:

  1. Ashtami (Devi’s Tithi)
  2. Wednesday (Lord Ganesha’s Vaar), chogadiya: Labh
  3. Margasirsa (Lord Krishna’s Month, BG-10.35)
  4. Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon)
  5. Shatabisha (Auspicious Nakshatra)
    Above all, it’s My Guru’s BIRTHDAY…