Dear and respected swamiji, 

Wish you a very Happy Birthday!

I prostrate at your feet. The feet, who have shown me light, who have guided me. The feet of the one person who truly inspires me. A person who loves us beyond the comprehension of our minds. My guru, who keeps even a speck of dust with such love. How can we ever give it all back, swamiji? Or rather, the question is, can we?

What can we wish for you? You have it all, in fact, you give it all to us.Peace, happiness, joy, smiles, fortune…the list just goes on and on, it forever shall. You never tell us what you would like for your birthday, although I’m convinced it’s nothing what I want.(You don’t want dairy milk chocolates and nice-looking pens, now, do you? I doubt it. ) This leaves us the only option- to give you what we want to. But what can we give you? Wishes and love are the only things my little mortal mind can think of.

Even in our wishes, what is there to wish for? From what I collect from your posts, all we can wish for you is that you get the much needed rest you require. Hopefully, you do. Even before your birthday, you have promised us so much. Your last post’s poem that you posted in the comments meant so, so much for each one of us. Even on your birthday, you give us your thanks and blessings. I decided, this time, although not physically present in the ashram, I will gift you something, virtually! A handmade card!It would make us feel happier, knowing we did something for you. So therefore, I present this card to you!

Happy Birthday Swamiji! (I found this for you, on the internet! I do hope you like it. Just play it along whilst you read my card!)

And…Here are the pictures of your card!

Happy birthday swamiji! 2

This was the cover page of the card, with your hand-drawn picture on it. Kindly excuse my cartoonish drawing skills. This is a mere representation though. No one can draw the entire universe on a piece of paper.

Now, for page number 2, some wishes for you!(That rhymed..)

Happy birthday swamiji! 3

I’m very sorry for the somewhat blur pictures, I’m unable to fix it…

Now, for page number 3.

On this page, I’ve written poem on what I feel and think around you..

Happy birthday swamiji! 4

In case you are unable to read the text, here goes the typed version of the same:

Your radiance like a thousand gleaming stars bright

While your ochre drapes the sky
Your voice is soft and smooth and delicate
Much like how the Giri gushes by.

A smile perfect on your lips
Hiding well your tiredness and pain
As you sit down to bestow us with  knowledge

As we sit mesmerized, yet again.

Your presence lurks in even the faintest corners

Of the since long abandoned place
You chuckle and chortle and smile and grin

Reprimanding us for our ways.

Wherever you walk, your footprints

Of love, leave a trace.
May you have a birthday such that
As a beautiful memory it always stays.


And lastly…page number 4. 

Happy birthday swamiji! 5

Dear Swamiji, thank you for loving us, for guiding us. Thank you for the time you give. Thank you for your amazing blogs and books. Thank you for bringing a smile on our faces. Thank you, swamiji, for being there! The thankfulness that bubbles in my heart cannot be written, cannot be typed. Cannot be shown. What I feel is felt by you, which is what truly matters..

Jai Sri Hari!

I hope you like your birthday card. And lots of love..

Infinite pranams at your divine lotus feet. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

-Hemanya Vashishtha

To everyone:

I hope you enjoyed reading the post! If you happen to open it and read it, that itself means a lot to me. Jai Sri Hari, stay happy forever!

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