Happy Birthday Swamiji. 

I only have the above words for you as I feel words can’t justify the moments we experience in your presence(both physical and on a daily basis in our thoughts)

Not sure how but when I click on the About button on os.me, I was redirected to this page today:

Happy birthday swamiji 1


“It seems you have discovered the secret of universe: nothing exists. Really, nothing exists. Including the page you requested. Not sure how you arrived here, I mean on this page, not on this planet, but since you are here, you may want to immerse yourself in what does exist: an illusion of wisdom.”

Thank you for this. I think this sums up what I am feeling right now:  Supreme Silence as your blessing. 

Don’t want to write much but 150 is the minimum word limit for a post to be published.

Jai Shri Hari. Happy Birthday to you again 😀

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