Dear Swami

Happy birthday to you.

I know you are here for millions of years to guide us, to help us evolve so there is no particular day to wish you.

But because you were born in this humam form on this auspicious day- Wishing you a happy and a healthy birthday. 

When i read posts of your devotees on this platform i realise how small i am and i have a long way to cover to reach you.

Neither i have met you one on one nor i have been initiated by you so far but what i have for you only i Know and of course  YOU know too.

I have no words to wish you. As far i know words are limited because words are formed based on our senses , experiences and acquired knowledge. 

And anything which can be perceived with our senses can’t be the truth. So how can i wish you when i am not aware of the truth. I am still discovering it.

There are people who do all rituals in so dedicated way  and here i am…who doesn’t believe in any rituals.  I don’t even have your pic in my temple (i do have a small altar but i hardly even light an incense stick).

I am so bad at Sadhna that i haven’t done any seriously so far.

But still i feel you are with me. Your grace, my devotion for you, my love for you is all that i have. And i am satisfied with it. I can live the whole life with it.

Sometimes i feel you are that lover of mine for whom i cry everynight, feeling a sense of heaviness in my heart but realizing that you belong to all, i console myself saying “Jitna mila hai utna bhi iss janam ke liye kafi hai”

I will happily be singing your glories like Meera Bai and will take all the challenges of life without bothering you ever. 

I only want to be under your guidance in all lives of mine. You are everything that i ever need.  Love you Swami.