I often think how to write Happy Birthday in different Languages. I tried to search and thought of writing a poem on this.

Here’s the poem, I came up with:

‘Compleanos’ that how they say in Spain

‘Geburstag’ in German it means the same

‘Sacgilchukhahaeyo’ Koreans say it too

They say ‘Tanjobiomedeto’ in Japan too

But anyway we say it ‘Happy Birthday to you’

‘Le jour de nais dance ‘ that’s how they say in France

‘Feliz aniversario ‘ in Portuguese it means the same

They say ‘ Gratulerer mad dagen’ in Norway too

‘Aso fanau ‘ Samoa say it too

Indians wish, ‘Janam din ki hardik subh kamnaye” filled with lots of blessings..

But anyway it means “Happy Birthday to you”.

There is beautiful birthday song Tum jiyo hazaro saal, in hindi, hope you enjoy listening to it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KfpbIG_py-Y

                                                                                       Jai Sri Hari 

keep smiling😊


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