When my brother was not born, everyone hoped that it will be a baby girl, except me. All of my family members were saying to me that you will have a little sister. But i wanted a small brother with whom i can play, share my life with and who will be my best friend. I prayed daily to Shiv Ji to give me a lil brother, while all my extended family laughed at me cutely for my innocence. They said that if you will have a little sister then only will the perfect brother-sister duo will be completed that every parent desires. But i wanted a little brother and not a little sister(till date i don’t know the reason behind it, maybe destiny). At last, Bholenath listened to my prayers and my little brother was born, pleasantly surprising my whole family. I still pay my humble obeisance to Mahadev for giving me my small brother.

For this #TheWriteChoice Challenge, my brother has helped me a lot in innumerable ways. Without his help, i don’t think i could have written such a huge amount of articles.

At last, i want to dedicate and gift this article to my little brother and i also urge you to wish your brother/ brothers a very ‘Happy Brother’s Day’.



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