Yesterday, it was Daughter’s day!!! and one could find countless posts on social media with tag lines like “My daughter, my pride” or something like “With a daughter, you’ve a friend for life” and so on. You could hear people wishing each other in the family as well. Amongst all these happy vibes was a little boy( my 11 year son) who looked confused and a little unhappy with all people around him. I could read many questions in his eyes which said,
“What’s wrong with the sons?” ,
“Are we not good enough?”,
“But mamma says I am her best friend, then why….”

His silent questions brought about a realisation that we as a society usually overdo things and in turn send wrong messages to our children who grow up to create another ill informed society.
When we saw the girl child suffering, instead of empowering her with her own existential qualities , we began telling her that she should be treated as an equal to men. Today, we have this whole generation of women who were raised with the mindset that they are equal to men.
A fundamental question that arises here is that when nature has created Men and Women physiologically different then why this race to equalise. Men and women have their own inherent qualities which complement each other in order to make their survival meaningful(yet another example of interdependence in nature) Are we greater than nature that we are trying to ignore the fundamental differences?

The point here is that we should let our children explore their own strengths and nurture their true nature rather than forcing our own beliefs and opinions.
Coming back to Daughter’s day, I’d just say ,

“Just as a father loves his children but isn’t as expressive as the mother , a son too ( if you ve nurtured him well enough)  is as compassionate and loving like a daughter but he may not express as much “

Its only  when you nurture them when they are young and respect their needs (instead of ignoring them in the name of making them rough and tough) , they’ll grow up to be loving and compassionate human beings with high self esteem and self confidence to face the world without being compared!!!