In the past, i have written articles dedicated to my Brother and my Mother on the ocassions of Brother’s Day and Mother’s Day; respectively. So, on this Father’s Day; i thought that i must also write an article dedicated to my Father. It will also complete a trilogy of sorts and hence this article series will be completed. So, here it is:-

My Father is a very caring and strict person. He cares for us a lot but in a very strict manner. Like he gives me or my brother a scolding whenever we not do something according to my father’s command. We hear it but then we understand his sentiment behind it, so we don’t get offended. The main reason behind my father’s scoldings is always our well- being. He often say that if we were not his sons, he wouldn’t had said anything to us. He has always wanted us to be better and to perfect ourselves. In my childhood, my father’s frequent scoldings bothered me a lot. But now because of some level of maturity, i can understand that my father just wants us to become better versions of ourselves. So that, we don’t have to face what he has faced in his life.

Actually, my father’s life has been really hard and full of struggle. Our small printing business has taken a huge hit due to the introduction of GST and also because of demonitisation. We mainly printed bill books, registers etc. But now because of digitilization and paperless economy, only 10% of our clients are left; rest 90% clients have incorporated computers and gst softwares in their businesses. The shop that he co-owned along with my uncle, was also sold because of the huge debt from the informal sector. Now just 6 months back we also sold our house so as to get free from the huge interests from those same loans. All of these factors along with the many betrayals that he faced from his friends, family and other people; have really taken a huge toll on his emotional and physical health. My father is always suffering from one disease or another because of these external reasons.Due to these reasons, he has also become an angry and a negative person. But my mother, my brother and I know that he is just like a coconut( hard from the outside, soft from the inside). 

My father was not always like that. He used to be an extremely fun loving and jolly person. He was like the heart of the party when he was of my age. He had so many friends and his life was so lively when he was young. That he narrates me all of his beautiful memories and anecdotes( that are even 30 years old), like it just happened yesterday. He is also a very kind and helping person. Because he helps most of the people and even us everytime. He is also very kind to everyone and even to people whom he doesn’t even know, he is always performing RAKs . That’s why we also experience his true and unadulterated side ( which is very beautiful) on Sundays or holidays, when he is free from business tensions and high bp’s. 

On this Father’s Day, i wish my Father; a very “Happy Father’s Day”. On this Father’s Day, I also want to pray to our beloved and compassionate Om Swami Ji; to please heal my father from all of his health issues and also his emotional issues. I will forever be grateful to you, Dear Swami Ji.Offering Million Obeisance To Your Divine Lotus Feet, Pujya Swami Ji. 

At last, i want to request you all of my fellow family members; to please wish your father on this auspicious ocassion of Father’s Day.

Jai Sri Hari!