On this auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, I thought why should I also write about the Guru. After much thought, no one particular name came to my mind. At every turn of life, I met many such people from whom I got to learn a lot or else nature created such a situation and circumstances and teach me in her own way.
Life is the biggest Guru, every ups and downs in life has a lesson. And for that I thank my mother who gave birth to me and taught me there is nothing bigger than patience, she never worries, She just worships and keep patience. 

I am very happy that life has given me the knowledge of good books. good friends, all of whom have something to learn. Got a job which changed my life a lot and got to see life from a different perspective.
Very thankful to life that I have been introduced to such senior people ,In the hostel, school,  playground, and in the office, from their experiences and teachings I got to learn more in less time.
And I’m very great full to life who gave me chance to be a part of such a great platform os.me . A hub of kind and intelligent souls . every day there is something new to learn .From your experiences , poems and posts.
I bow down to every spiritual leader whom I know , for Inspiring and guiding me to right path .A new energy came in life by reading about their life and books. Unfortunately I have not met any enlightened man personally till date. Maybe I am not fit to be a disciple now. But I’m very great full to life that this year I finally got to know about a living sadguru “Om swami ji” ( Maa herself radiating thru him .)I hope that I can become that much capable that I’ll have his darshan and he accept me as a disciple.