Many sects of Sanatana Dharma celebrate a day that marks the Cosmic Dance of Shiva. It is called the Arudra Darshan, which falls on December 20th this year.

Ardra or Arudra is an astrological star (Nakshatra) named after Shiva. A day with this Nakshatra is set aside for Shiva’s Darshan or experiencing his divine vision. A post by our fellow member Kalai Selvan describes this festival in detail.

Even though there’s still some time for this festival, I’m super excited about it as a devotee of Shakti and Shiva. Besides, I was born during the Arudra Darshan festival, and I share my birthdate with Sri Sarada Devi. 🙃 Therefore, my beautiful family has gifted me with a few days of complete solitude in a genuinely spiritual fashion! Due to that and a few other reasons, I’ll be off for quite a while.

Before I disappear into oblivion, let’s celebrate Shiva by showering some love on him! However, honoring the holiday season, we can do it a bit differently. How about loving Shiva with my favorite song, originally sung by the legendary Elvis Presley? At the end of this post is a video I put together for this purpose. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did while making it. Make sure to turn the CC on to follow the lyrics.

Happy Arudra Darshan! Merry Christmas!

And, Happy Holiday Season! 🙂

See you all sometime in the future! 🤗❤️🙏🏼



Here’s the video:

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